Teams and Communities

Teams and Communities with strong social fabric.

Leaders need more than ice breakers. Alegoria provides the means to connection for team and community members through conversation and play. Establishing trust and communicating honestly and effectively as a group is crucial. With Alegoria, each player holds the space to be present and connect so that the sense of belonging and community is found.

girl plays Alegoria social board game


The flow between a team’s responsibilities and actions requires trust between members. Asking for help, reaching out, and connecting is a large part of working together and fulfilling projects activities. Experiencing trust is easy and fun with Alegoria as it playfully encourages vulnerability while honouring internal and external boundaries.

Connecting with others while learning advanced communication strategies translates into greater accountability and resourcefulness.


Team leaders and business coaches will find that opening the space for trust and compassion will enable team members to more productively and efficiently overcome obstacles and reach collective goals together.

Alegoria MediaKit

All professionals are offered special pricing and optional private training.