Professional Use

When your clients, students, and teams can co-regulate and soothe stress, they can then easily engage, learn, and collaborate.

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Play and Belonging

Your group has an easier time learning and engaging when they feel they belong and are unburdened from stress and loneliness. You can inspire the human connection that makes a difference in play.

Soothe Stress and Loneliness

Offering your group the experience to feel grounded and alive in human connection means making it easy for them learn, engage and overcome obstacles together.

Alegoria is your tool to soothe stress so that your people can shoot for the stars.

How does Alegoria do it?

Alegoria’s game design is founded on The Science of Human Connection. With the psychological principles from Somatic Experiencing, the Polyvagal Theory, and Gestalt, Alegoria promotes nervous system regulation and healthy and effective communication.

Alegoria is a game and more.


Your bilingual tool

For language learning and stress relief. Use Alegoria as a support to fluency, writing prompts, and spontaneous conversation activies while effectively soothing the loneliness and stress that interrupts learning.

Learning made easier

Feeling calm and motivated, students can ask for help, engage curiously, and resiliently overcome educational challenges.

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Alegoria for Education MediaKit

Alegoria has been part of educational events and classrooms thanks to our partners:


"I am so grateful to have discovered Alegoria, both as an educator as well as a leader! At UpstartED, we use Alegoria whenever a new person joins our team because it allows us to foster meaningful - and very much human - connections. We also use Alegoria with the students who go through our social innovation programs as a way to get them comfortable sharing their thoughts with their peers. During COVID-19 in particular, Alegoria's questions have allowed us to engage in positive conversations. Thank you for creating this wonderful tool!"
Diana Baranga
CEO and Chief Learning Officer 
UpstartED, Montréal, QC
Upstarted logo Montreal

"Alegoria est devenue une partie intégrante de notre communauté et nous l’utilisons dans nos cours pour l’apprentissage des langues ainsi que pour réduire l’anxiété courante chez les étudiants d’aujourd’hui. Il est bien connu que l’anxiété et le stress entravent le processus d’apprentissage. La facilité et le rythme d’Alegoria rendent ce jeu simple mais très efficace. On a eu une expérience extrêmement positive! C’est ce genre de jeu et outil que nous avons besoin en 2020!"
Yanick Chamberland-Richer
Coordination du Département de Langues 
Cégep de Lévis, QC
Cégep Lévis-Lauzon Département des langues Lévis, Québec

Teams and Communities

Beyond an ice breaker

Alegoria transforms your team and community through Human Connection and Play.

Promote effective communication in play so that your players can release the loneliness and stress that holds them back.

Invest in the team building experience backed by science.

Your people need a soothed nervous system and the sense of aliveness to go the distance.

Connect and Collaborate

Opening the space for transformative Human Connection offers your team members greater capacity to collaborate and reach collective goals together.

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Alegoria MediaKit


"My co-facilitators and I were halfway through our ‘Becoming Your Best Self’ 12-week workshop series, and we were looking for an original way to bring the trust we had been building with our 5 participants to the next level. The Alegoria board game fit perfectly into our ‘social wellness’ session and surpassed expectations. It took the self-reflection we had been encouraging from the beginning, and brought it out in the open in a fun, safe space. Our experience was characterized by a few laughs, a few tears, and especially a feeling of deeper connection within our little community."
Jasmine Mascarenhas
GROW Still Founder
Montréal, Canada
Grow Still


The most advanced nervous system regulation practices gamified to soothe loneliness and stress.

Connection is easy!

Alegoria uses Play and the Science of Human Connection to establish safety and belonging. That way, Connection is no longer a big scary idea, but an enjoyable and healing experience.

Each person leaves Alegoria a winner feeling rejuvenated with the sense of aliveness and calm.

Alegoria stimulates social engagement behaviours that soothe the nervous system regulation. Tensions that usually trigger survival responses are instead integrated and released.

Your Safe Space

It's time to feel Human Connection

Connection and safety can be a scary thing. That's why Alegoria is designed to dive deep without going into overwhelm.

Winner of the Serious Play Healthcare Board Game Award

serious play conference award healthcare patient care compassionate conversation

"Alegoria is for healthcare professionals in patient care to deliver compassionate conversation."

Social Workers, Psychologists, and Guidance Counsellors and Speech Therapists have brought Alegoria into their practices in Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

Learn more at The Science of Connection.

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Alegoria for Healthcare MediaKit


"As a psychosocial therapist, having this beautiful visually appealing tool is amazing. I have brought Alegoria into my practice and seen it open dialogue and touch on important themes. Playing is an enjoyable experience that both provides safety and calm while inspiring important conversations."
Rita Angelo
Social Worker, Psychotherapist
Laval, QC