The Science of Connection

Alegoria is a powerful tool for nervous system regulation and the education of effective communication strategies. 

family plays Alegoria for nervous system regulation and connection


Every component of Alegoria purposefully works together to hold a safe space that  brings forward a sense of belonging and real connection. Here, players experience curiosity, empathy, vulnerability, and resilience.

Alegoria’s game design utilizes Gestalt, Somatic Experiencing, and the Polyvagal Theory to hold a supportive group environment where players alternate between using their left and right brain, expand their window of tolerance, engage in social connectedness, and build resilience.

  • Open-ended Question and Player Cards spark conversation founded on curiosity, respect, and empathy.
  • The Mandala Board brings players to the present moment and their attention to tactile pleasurable activity.
  • The peer dynamic further strengthens the sense of belonging needed to connect and ground players.

Play stimulates the nervous system and social engagement behaviours so that arising tensions can easily diffuse.

social board game Alegoria conversations

Much of modern research shows that our overall wellbeing requires:

  • Soft skills for effective communication
  • Vulnerability and courage for human connection
  • The ability to begin and maintain relationships

All of which would not be possible or genuine without access to a healthy nervous system responses that supports social engagement.

Engaging socially and feeling a sense of belonging can be compared to brushing our teeth, exercising regularly, and following a healthy balanced diet. Without connection, isolation, anxiety, and distress all lead to cascading life-threatening ends. Alegoria is not only for those who have already reached out for help, are isolated in a new home or chapter of life, surrounded by family and friends while feeling misunderstood and alone, but also those who simply enjoy the feeling of community and value true connection and meaningful relationships.

Human connection and presence is a human need felt collectively. Alegoria is for those who value the feeling of community, true connection and meaningful relationships.


The experience of sparkling conversations is what lightens the load and brings pause to life’s routine. Every enjoyable moment in presence and self-awareness is a moment of hope and awe. This is why it is so important for us to have made Alegoria a fun game.

The Science of Connection InfoKit.

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Conversation Cards for Alegoria social board game