The Science of Connection

Alegoria soothes the Loneliness and Stress holding you and your groups back. 

family plays Alegoria for nervous system regulation and connection


Playing Alegoria means transforming through Human Connection.  

Alegoria’s game design builds on the psychological principles of Gestalt Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, and the Polyvagal Theory. That way, Human Connection is not just easy and fun - it makes a difference. 

Human Connection gives you and your groups the chance to :

  • Practice soft skills 
  • Embrace vulnerability and courage 
  • Relate meaningfully in a social context without stress



  • Alegoria Questions are open-ended, playful, and inspire you to open your heart and mind with curiosity, respect, and empathy.
  • The Mandala Puzzle Board brings you into the present moment and soothes stress.
  • Human Connection inspires you to feel safe, curiously engage, make meaning of life experiences. 
social board game Alegoria conversations


    Leave a winner feeling alive and soothed by Human Connection.

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