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You can send us any questions about bringing Alegoria into your home and community right here. Keep in mind, that if you are a Professional wanting to integrate Alegoria practice or centre, you will also have access special pricing and training.



Whether you want your own Alegoria Game or to host an Alegoria Game Night, schedule yourself into Alina's calendar so that she can discover more about your community and practice and help you inspire connection and belonging. 

This call is for you IF, you are:

🌟 A leader wanting to spark the genuine connection that transforms in your community, team, and family.

🌟 Want your circle to experience connection and discover themselves and those around them. 

🌟 Ready to best utilize Alegoria in your centre or practice so that your conversations go beyond the small talk and hold a safe space for vulnerability, empathy, and effective communication. 

Choose a time for your free 30 minute call on the calendar below.