Healthcare Professionals

Alegoria incorporates foundational elements from the most advanced nervous system regulation practices.

Using Play, psychotherapists and counsellors can establish a sense of safety and trust in their group or private sessions. The space held by Alegoria resembles the Window of Tolerance necessary for players to experience somatic, mental, emotional, and behavioural benefits such as calm, ease, groundedness, curiosity, empathy, playfulness, creativity and in turn, motivated productivity.

The ability to skip any questions gives agency to players so that they do not enter into the Faux Window or into hyper- or hypo-arousal.

Play stimulates the nervous system as well as social engagement behaviours so that rising tensions usually triggering survival responses may, instead, be diffused.
Friends find connection and community by playing Alegoria social board game


The many functions integrated in Alegoria's game design allow for an incredible peer dynamic that further regulates the nervous system and provides the opportunity to nurture resilience. 

Then, players can also delve deeper into life’s experiences and learn their wisdom alongside others. This moment is the process is called meaning making or a player's alegoria moment where players obtain knowledge by asking each other and themselves the Alegoria Card, "What does that tell you?"

Winner of the Serious Play Healthcare Board Game Award


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 "Alegoria is for healthcare professionals in patient care to deliver compassionate conversation."


Social Workers, Psychologists, and Guidance Counsellors and Speech Therapists have brought Alegoria into their practices in Canada, Mexico, and the United States. 

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Alegoria for Healthcare MediaKit.

All professionals are offered special pricing and optional private training.