Alegoria Board Game English-French

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The fun social board game sparking conversation to open the space for connection and belonging.

In groups of two (2) to eight (8) players, spark conversation to share unexpected stories, discover meaning, and enjoy the experience of connection. Every time a Question is answered or a Feature Card, watch the Alegoria Mandala Puzzle fill up beautifully to represent the moment in time shared together in presence.

friends and family sitting playing Alegoria board game talking and having fun

The Journey

Alegoria was developed by mother and daughter, Thania Arellano and Alina Grenier-Arellano, to make conversation an easy and enjoyable experience of connection. As a social and clinical psychologist, Thania Arellano was faced with rising loneliness and disconnect in communities. Over years, she developed an intelligently curated card game utilizing Gestalt, Somatic Experiencing and Polyvagal-informed psychological principles that would one day become Alegoria.

In the belief that conversation is the means towards a fulfilling and healthy life rooted in truth and acceptance, Thania wanted the game to come alive outside the office in an easy and fun way so that anyone can play and enjoy the wonders of connection through conversation. Thania then turned to her daughter, Alina, so that they could together transform Alegoria into a fun puzzle board game that successfully and easily opens the space for connection and belonging in safety. Now, the gifts of conversation can be found in the enjoyable experience of spending time with friends, family and community.

A person's wellbeing greatly depends on the sense of belonging, but it isn't always easy or straightforward. Thania and Alina understood how human beings are wired for connection and created Alegoria to make sure that connection is possible. Through conversation, the capacity for trust, vulnerability, courage, and compassion can grow, which will greatly benefit every player's personal relationships as well as their community as a whole.  Alegoria makes this an enjoyable experience through play. 

Alina Grenier, Co founder of Alegoria plays


Launching as both a game and tool, Alegoria has been an essential part of communities teaching and supporting language learning and compassionate conversation thanks to connection, resilience and trust that the game sparks. Brought into the worlds of education and patient care, Alegoria has been used by not only hundreds of families in Canada, the US, and Mexico, but also thousands of groups in Cegeps, schools, community centres, and therapists' offices with overwhelmingly positive response.


"LOVED IT! I've played with family, friends, my significant other and even people I barely knew. Alegoria is an amazing game to get to know each other and bring up important topics that don't usually get discussed."
Marc Antoine, Montréal, Canada


"Après avoir joué Alegoria, je me suis senti inspiré. Mon moment préféré était de voir les autres s'ouvrir grâce a des questions plus sensibles."
Charlie, CHUM Mental Health Practitioner, Montréal, Canada


"Alegoria es un juego increíble donde puedes conocer con más profundidad a tu familia, empatizar con ellos y conectar emocionalmente. Es un juego que fomentan la reflexión, la escucha, incluso el diálogo en la familia; además de que surgen muchas emociones durante el proceso. Realmente me encantó!"
Veronica, Mexico D.F., Mexico


"This is more than a game, it is a tool for social transformation. Every detail is so well thought out! I am amazed how the two women who created that game succeeded to bring the complexity of human relations to a simple and fun tool that allow the players to open and share from their authentic self and therefore foster deeper and significant relationships around them. Thank you!"
Annick, Montréal, Canada


"Alegoria est devenue une partie intégrante de notre communauté et nous l’utilisons dans nos cours pour l’apprentissage des langues ainsi que pour réduire l’anxiété courante chez les étudiants d’aujourd’hui."
Yanick, Language Department Head, Lévis, Canada


In each sparked conversation, spontaneous answers and surprising stories and exchanges allow the joy of connection to bring together friends and family. A bilingual game with double-sided Question Cards teaches effective communication in new and native languages!


Alegoria the Social Board Game includes:

  • The beautiful Alegoria Mandala Puzzle made of premium and locally-sourced Quebec Birchwood.
  • Alegoria Mandala Puzzle Pieces of 8 different, bright colours.
  • 100 Questions Card Deck. Double sided in English and French.
  • The Alegoria Feature Cards (Alegoria Card, Share Card, Challenge Card, and Time's Out Card).

Proudly made in Montréal, Canada by Rapids Inc.



Our Promise

By playing Alegoria, the space opens for the experience of fun conversations that connect people together. Our commitment to go beyond small talk and boring conversations without connection made possible Alegoria's sparkling conversations. By integrating the most advanced psychological principles, Alegoria's intuitive game design makes sure that the time spent with others in play is easy, enjoyable and engaging so that each player can be themselves, connect, and have fun!

Our games are made with quality and locally sourced materials from Québec, Canada. 


Refund Policy: Return all pieces in same condition received within 15 days of delivery for a new Alegoria without shipping.