Professional Uses

When clients, students, and team members have a regulated nervous system, calming anxiety and stress is easy.

All professionals are offered special pricing and private training. 
professionals use Alegoria to support community and connection

The power of play supports the experience of safety, belonging, and regulation. 

Sensing safety and belonging brings forward the opportunity for curiosity, compassion, empathy, and respect. The resulting physiological state is better prepared to understand and integrate new information, respond to daily demands, and effectively achieve sought out goals with resilience. 

With Alegoria, professionals benefit by providing the security and trust necessary to successfully overcome collective obstacles and accomplish goals. Play supports the sparked conversations supported to establish human connection and nurture resilience. Then, players can also delve deeper into life’s experiences and learn their wisdom alongside others. This moment is the process is called meaning making or a player's alegoria moment where players obtain knowledge by asking each other and themselves, "What does that tell you?"

Alegoria for Education

Alegoria for Team and Community Leaders

Alegoria for Healthcare Professionals

How does Alegoria do it? 

Drawing on the principles of Somatic Experiencing, the Polyvagal Theory, and Gestalt, each of Alegoria’s components work together to calm the nervous system, bring players to the present moment, and encourage social engagement in an easy and fun way. Players become comfortable enough for social connectedness with minimal set up time. Alegoria's intuitive game design activates themes that usually cause discomfort to instead be felt and expressed without trespassing internal and external boundaries. Here is where the opportunity for resilience and growth appears. 

Players become honest and compassionate witnesses to the teachings of the past and present, make meaning of their conceived narrative, and reflect on valuable lessons for healing. 

Unlike any prompted conversation, Alegoria is the chance to discover the allegorical meaning of our experiences and connect to the inner wisdom of the group. 

Alegoria reflects the definition of an allegory,

“A story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.” – Oxford Dictionary


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Nervous system regulation and connection with Alegoria social board game